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Family G in Thalwil. Au pair January 2021. Good driving skills required. French, English or German OK. 3 kids aged between 9 and 18 years. Single mother. Hamster
Mrs. G lives in Thalwil, a residential community outside Zürich. She is French and Swiss and works as lawyer. She has a son (18 years ) who moved out to England to study and two girls aged 16 and 9 years. Their family language is French but they are fluent in English and German. The children often spend time with their father who lives nearby. They had many au pairs before and had good experiences with them. Their house is located about 10 to 15 minutes to the train station (a relative steep way). From the train station, you are quickly in the center of Zürich. You can also take a bus at about 5 minutes from the house to go to the city. Your room is located in the basement with natural light. It is a good size and it is well decorated but please note that you have to go through this room to get to the laundry room. You will share the bathroom with the children on another floor. The house has wireless connections so you can access internet for free. The au pair should have a driver’s license and be a confident driver because she drives kids to/from school (international school between 9h00 and 15h30 every day). Your work schedule (ca. 30 hours) is organized around the school hours: for example, 5 days a week from 7h15 to 9h00 to help get children ready/drive them to school and again between 15h30 to 19h00 to pick them up in school and supervise their activities when they are back. The main work is with their younger daughter as the other one does not need support. Mrs G is usually home on Wednesdays. You will have most weekends free but you may have to baby sit at night. They have a regular cleaning lady for the main household work. Your tasks will be to help with children rooms, play areas and cloths. The current au pair also helps with ironing. They are looking for someone curious who loves children and wants to engage with them and do activities. Someone happy, easy going and positive. You should be nice and patient with children but be capable of handling children of different ages, motivate them but also set limits if necessary. When Mrs. G is at work, you are in charge so you need to be independent, responsible, enthusiast, trustworthy and have good common sense. You will be integrated in the family but she hopes that you will also have your own interests and you will be in charge of your own free time. This is important because the children are out pretty much all day (except Wednesdays) so it may be lonely if you do not have your own activities and interests. She needs someone kind but independent and resourceful. Their house is strictly non smoking.

znalost němčiny nebo angličtiny, pobyt na 6-12 měsíců, věk 18-29 let

Zdarma ubytování, strava, letenka, pojištění, corona test, kapesné 700 Sfr. Máme dlouhodobé zkušenosti, kolegyni v místě bydliště rodiny, rodiny také v Německu

Nástup:Dle domluvy
Mzda:15000 Kč/měs.
Počet míst:1
Úroveň jazyku:Angličtina - Mírně pokročilý

Zadavatel:Jana Provazníková
ID inzerátu: 3806037
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