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Housekeeping Staff – Netherlands Start June/July

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We are now looking for hotel housekeeping staff, starting from in June and July in the Netherlands. The positions will be working as part of a team in hotels and holiday parks in several different locations.
Please check our website for details about working in the Netherlands during COVID-19.

As part of the housekeeping team, you will be responsible for daily cleaning and re-stocking guest rooms as well as ensuring that communal areas are tidy. You will also coordinate with front desk and maintenance to resolve any problems with guest rooms.

What we need:
- Communicative level of English language
- Previous working experience working as part of a cleaning team in hotels.
- We can only accept applications from people able to work in the Netherlands without needing work permits or visas. Applications from EU citizens wishing to relocate to the Netherlands are very welcome.
- In the current COVID situation, you will need to provide a certificate from your current country location, confirming that you have been tested and are clear of the virus. If you enter the country without this document, you will need to self-isolate for a 14-day period. If you are unsure how to get this certificate, we will try our best to find the information for you.

What We Can Offer
You will be employed on a full-time employment contract via our Dutch agency. We will help you to register with local authorities and ensure that your first days in the country are as comfortable as possible.

We will arrange accommodation for you, close to your work location. Typically, the accommodation is a studio apartment or shared apartment with one or two other people. If the apartment is shared, we ensure that each person has their own private room and female and male employees are given separate accommodation. We do need to recharge some of the cost of renting and charge a fixed cost of 50Euros per week.

Your salary will be 10.92 Euros (gross) per hour, plus an 8% vacation bonus. Although we cannot at this time guarantee a fixed number of working hours, a normal working week is 38- 40 hours. Working 38 hours, you will earn on average 1750 Euros Net per month.

Nástup:Dle domluvy
Mzda:11 - 12 EUR/hod.
Počet míst:7
Úroveň jazyku:Angličtina - Pokročilý

Firma:Dorset Management s.r.o.
Zadavatel:Iain Pike
Telefon:zobrazit telefon
ID inzerátu: 3592430
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